Jie Ming(non-registered)

After reading your photography tips, I realised your knowledge are okay. Maybe you should be a photo lecturer than a photographer because your portfolio are just so so. But there are plenty of good photography books in the market and full of details too.
Hello David,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this. I am a novice to DSLR photography, and a proud owner of a new Canon 60D. Your hints and tips have clarified a few things for me. I am still a little confused about the difference between zoom and telephoto, but I am certain it's me and my comprehension, and not you and your explaination. I would like your permission to print out your tips so I may carry them with me. Thanks again for your time and sharing your knowledge!
Hi David,

I really appreciate what you shared here. I took up photography from books purely as a hobby. Very very simple yet effective tips. Wished I had read them before I took these photos during my recent trip.

Co-incidentally, I had to crop a portrait I took of a little girl playing into a landscape one because I felt the portrait I took was not able to convey what I wanted "To draw my viewer in to look at her face". http://www.flickr.com/photos/bernardng/7241285472/in/photostream
Alex Long(non-registered)
Hi David,
Your thoughtful of you for sharing your passion of love, "Photography". A picture speaks a thousand word. I pick up a few tips from you like placing subject in line of third(composition), vanishing point, shooting low, high and egg level and others. Hope to have the opportunity to meet up with you one day and learn more. Wishing you happy moving on in life.
Omar Upegui R.(non-registered)
I'm an amateur photographer. Only recently upgraded my camera from a humble P&S compact Canon PowerShot A720 IS, to a beginner's DSLR Canon EOS Rebel T2i camera. I have admired your work for over two days. I will try my best to follow your steps. Thank you so much for inspiring me to keep on improving my photographic skills.

Best Regards,

Omar Upegui R.(non-registered)
Hi David:

Thanks a bunch for sharing your tips. I've tried several time to control my pictures using the Aperture, Shutter Speed or ISO method, but I'm not satisfied with the results. Instead, I use the automatic features of my camera for best results. That way I concentrate on my framing, focus, and composing my pictures. It works for me. I guess my camera is smarter than me.

Take Care,

Daniel AJ(non-registered)
Hi David,

Great tips there. I'm a beginner and you helped me understand quite a few more things about photography. Will be referring to this page a lot.

David Chan(non-registered)
Awesome! straight to the points and easy to digest.
Kent Heng(non-registered)
Hi David,

Nice tips there.
Nice tip on the dynamic symmetry and vanishing points. Didn't know about them until I saw your tips. Thanks David! :)
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